Project management

Project management helps you and your team to complete projects successfully. But what actually is a project? A project is a planned undertaking that has not yet been realised. It is a project task that is limited by a given budget, time and human resources, time and personnel resources. A project has a defined beginning and end and, of course, a certain project complexity. end and, of course, a certain project complexity.

project management

What project management methods are there?

There are various project management methods. In the waterfall method, you work through the tasks step by step until the project is finished. All the work is planned in advance. This method leaves you very little room for unexpected challenges because the tasks are all planned. However, if you choose an agile method, where you work out certain tasks with your team in an agile way, you can react much more flexibly to unplanned challenges. There is also a project management method that combines waterfall and agile. With this method, the project is planned in advance, but the agile way of working flexibility than the classic waterfall principle. Of course, there are various other methods, which we will not go into here.

What are the roles in project management?

In project management there are various roles such as the project client, the project sponsor, the project manager, the project manager, the project team and the steering committee. One person can also occupy several project roles. There are other roles that have not been mentioned here, because we are only looking at the common roles.

Project client

The project commissioner is the person or body that commissions the project and approves the project.

Project sponsor

The project sponsor is a person or a group of people from the cadre management. The project sponsor is responsible for the success of the project and provides the project team with the necessary tasks and resources to the project team.

Project Manager

The project manager leads the operational planning and controls the project. He is responsible for the achievement of all goals. These include cost control, deadlines and project quality. In the area of planning, he or she In the area of planning, he sets goals and determines the resources needed to achieve them.

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for the operational planning, execution and realisation of the projects. He controls the process, the working methods of the project team, the budget and the time frame and reports this to the project manager. and reports this to the project manager.

Project team

The project team consists of all project stakeholders who are responsible for the project implementation and project management. In order to project work successfully, it is necessary that everyone can rely on the others.

Steering Committee

The steering committee takes over the steering tasks that are not the responsibility of the project leader. It makes overall decisions and approves changes. The steering committee advises the project leader.

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